Should Middle and High School Students Be Allowed to Dress as the Opposite Sex? Massachusetts Law Banning Same-Sex Marriage Repealed; Criswell Alumni President on the Importance of Criswell Education

July 31, 2008

Host:  Penna Dexter

Guest:  Denny Gorena, President of the Criswell College Alumni Association, and Pastor of First Baptist Church of Leonard.

Wording Changed on California Same-Sex Ballot; Should Open Homosexuals Serve in the Military?

July 30, 2008

Host:  Penna Dexter

Guest:  Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness.

In Oregon, Cancer Treatment Not an Option, But Assisted Suicide Is; What Are the Ethics? California, Battling Wildfires, Hit By Earthquake

July 29, 2008

Host:  Jerry Johnson

Guest:  Wesley J. Smith, attorney, author and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, attorney for the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, and special consultant for the Center for Bioethics and Culture. 

Shooting at Tennessee Church; Housing Rescue Bill; and South Dakota’s Successful Fight Against Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

July 28, 2008

Hosts:  Jerry Johnson and Penna Dexter

Guests:  J. D. Foster, Senior Fellow for Economic Policy at the Heritage Foundation; and Dr. Allen Unruh, representing the Alpha Crisis Pregnancy Center in South Dakota.

Obama’s Berlin Speech and Presidential Politics; and The European Union and the Islamic Threat

July 25, 2008

Host:  Jerry Johnson

Guests:  Lord Malcolm Pearson of Rannoch, Peer in the House of Lords; and Carl Jeffers, news and political commentator.

Debate on Tongues From SBC (Encore)

July 24, 2008

Host:  Jerry Johnson

Guests:  Dwight McKissic, Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas; and Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Updates on Intelligent Design, and Obama in Israel

July 23, 2008

Host:  Penna Dexter

Guest:  Kerby Anderson, National Director of Probe Ministries, host of the nationally syndicated radio show “Point of View” and author of numerous books, including “A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design”.