Tribute to A Pro-Life Hero; Dr. Land Recaps Republican YouTube Debate; and Update on The Teddy Bear Teacher in the Sudan

November 30, 2007

Host:  Penna Dexter, joined by Jerry Johnson

Guest:  Dr. Richard Land, President of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC; and speech by Congressman Henry Hyde on the House floor arguing against Partial Birth Abortion.

Recap of CNN/YouTube Republican Debate; Is Liberalism Hurting Our Children?

November 29, 2007

Host:  Jerry Johnson

Guests: Ralph Reed, former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition; Carl Jeffers, political analyst for television, radio and newspaper; and Dr. David Tubbs, author of “Freedom’s Orphans:  Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of American Children”.

Preview of Republican/CNN/YouTube Debate; Christian Charity vs. Welfare State

November 28, 2007

Hosts:  Jerry Johnson and Penna Dexter

Guest:  Matthew Holland, professor of political science at Brigham Young University, and author of “Bonds of Affection:  Civic Charity and the Making of America”.

Is Global Warming A Real Threat, or Just Hype?; and What’s Going On In The Middle East?

November 27, 2007

Hosts:  Jerry Johnson and Penna Dexter

Guests:  Dennis T. Avery, Director of the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute, and co-author or “Unstoppable Global Warming:  Every 1500 Years”; and Joel Rosenberg, founder of The Joshua Fund, and author of “Epicenter:  Why the Current Rumblings In The Middle East?”

Have We Become “A Nation of Sheep”?; Is the Government Dismantling Our Freedoms?

November 26, 2007

Hosts:  Jerry Johnson and Penna Dexter

Guests:  Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News judicial analyst, and author of “A Nation of Sheep”, which says big government infringes on our individual freedoms.

What Every American Needs to Know About Islam and the Quran (Encore)

November 23, 2007

Host:  Jerry Johnson and Penna Dexter

Guest:  William Federer, author of “What Every American Needs to Know About the Quran”.

The Movie “Bella”; and the Alliance Between President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

November 22, 2007

Host:  Jerry Johnson

Guests:  Leo Severino, producer and co-writer of “Bella”, featuring comments by Chuck Colson and Neil Cavuto’s interview with “Bella” star Eduardo Verastegui; also, Nicholas Wapshott, founding editor of “The Times of London”, current editor of the “New York Sun”, and author of “Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher:  A Political Marriage”.